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US time at 2014 Cheap NFL Jerseys Sale Online From China Free Shipping 13:00 on November 23rd, home to usher in the New England Patriots of the challenges the Detroit Lions. Patriot has obtained six-game winning streak, while the Lions lost to the Arizona Cardinals last week. Outstanding performance in the last game of the Patriots running back Jonas Gray because of Friday's training squad suspended for being late. Running back LeGarrette Blount will usher in the Patriots' first show this season. Patriots Section angry, eventually 34: 9 win over the Lions. The audience did not pick up the lion's attack, quarterback Matthew Stafford and his two main wide receiver are not several successful connection, whether it is "Megatron" Calvin Johnson or Golden Tate.

Lions began to attack first, Stafford and running back Joique Bell ran pass combined cheap nfl jerseys eight offensive advancing 50 yards. Once shot 48 yards for the Lions got the three points. Since then the two teams several attacks have not cheap nfl jerseys 2014 succeeded to cheap nfl jerseys from china tear the opponent's defense until the first section of the game there five minutes when Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his wide receiver who found a sense of continuous rapid passing forward. Lions defensive league's first game did not cheer, there are often missed people. The last time Brady pass found no one anti-Everett Tim Wright. Patriots 7: 3 lead into the second quarter.

II competition, the Patriots broke out, single scored 17 points. Section II beginning, Lions in the Patriots red zone, successive attacks have not completed a touchdown, only a 20-yard field goal to get 3 points. Anti inside out, the Patriots first kickoff return attack by a wide receiver Danny Amendola back 81 yards touchdowns attack laid the foundation, and finally completed by the Blount 3 yards rushing touchdowns. There are seven minutes in the second quarter, when the Patriots got the ball again, Brady led his unit is surging, the last eight yards passing touchdowns, White found that this was no one around White Lions defender. Before intermission, the Patriots 35 yards in the first shot, 18-point lead into the second half.

The third quarter, the Lions defense finally has some improvement, especially in the second half of the Patriots' first offensive, Brady tried to find Rob Gronkowski, but steals the lion two yards line. But the lion's attack is still not a state. Half of the third quarter, the Patriots score a shot to extend the advantage to 22 points. Finally, a game, a lion first shot 49 yards closer to the score. But in 11 minutes and 36 seconds, storm 4 files, Staffordshire major mistakes, from a stall in one yard line there, he had already started sliding tackles, ruined the opportunity to chase points. The next attack, Stafford was hit, and therefore steals the ball. Last Lions defeated only auspicious court.

The game, Brady completed 53 of 38 passes, advancing 349 yards, two touchdowns, no cheap nfl jerseys china captured and killed. Blount rushed the ball 12 times, advancing 78 yards, two touchdowns. Glycopyrrolate Koski five times the ball, advancing 78 yards, 11 catches for Edelman, advancing 89 yards. Patriots next week will be a guest Sapphire court challenge oasis Bay Packers. Lions, the Stafford completed only 46 passes 18 times, advancing 264 yards, no touchdowns. Tate and Megatron were four times the ball, but each of them are more than 10 times as passing Target. Lions Thanksgiving Day home to usher in the next week the Chicago Bears.

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