Well, he should know that he was sent back home to the master of the house should be a disguised form of fat distribution . So, this guy get over such a bunch of accounts , but also the seriousness of your own check ...... in the end is what is the motive ? Is staying in this old housekeeper was sent back to his own master discontent will spread fear had come back after his own authority in his hands , so??own demonstrations ? Slave master big bully ? Or , what tricks he has in the family business , from personal gain , and now use their children to get away with this ? Everything seems possible! But Douri but did not say anything, not even a trace of doubt that he did not propose , he picked up the top one account , blew the dust , sit down calmly opened the first page , quietly read. After a child , Douri looked up , the old butler stood still . "Oh, Mr. Butler there something you want me to say it?" Douri seem casual , cold tone down : "I wholesale nhl jerseys supply For Sale read , I do not like people around ." " Yes, sir , sir wholesale jerseys free shipping ." Old housekeeper Hill eyes light hint of surprise , and then he opened his mouth seemed to say something , but the words on her tongue back , turned out with the servants . Study after heavy door was shut, hands down gently Douri accounts , he stood up , in this study, where the huge back and forth a few steps, activities of the body, then smiled to himself: " it seems , I am afraid there is nothing really to look forward to things happen . " Subsequent time until nightfall, during which they had the old housekeeper twice Daoshufangli , once came to tea Douri , once the next day , after dark sŤ personally bring people to give Douri cheap nba jerseys From China lit candles. Let the old housekeeper Hill surprised that this little master actually really read those accounts ! Moreover, he was not faking , but really in the heart of Reading ! Bath put on a few books , have been opened up , row count Douri what seemed figures in the old housekeeper who come cheap nfl jerseys supply to the library with twenty huge candelabra lights lit after all , very casual Douri the old housekeeper asked several questions about the accounts.

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