Team walking for a day. Obviously, the newly added horsewoman , causing colleagues of special attention . Of course , this is not just because this is the day the only peer- person one female xng, but because the relationship between the female knight and small owner. Last night , she was the owner of the small room to go out . And overnight, her fingertips on his own oath of allegiance to it. And this concern , in fact, also bear a layer of ...... a little bit of jealousy. Yes, it is jealousy. Because this woman actually get a real " knight " title ! It must be noted that the so-called family of "guardian knight " , is not considered to be a true knight. In fact, just a family guardian knight called A with a " knight " is the name of the title. Although the name is like the hippocampus also brought a horse word , but no one really thinks that the hippocampus and the horse is the same thing as children . From the sense that they can only be regarded as a bunch of " cavalry " only. Is a bunch of guards cavalry. Knight is not the true sense of class . Suddenly a woman only known for a day , a third- martial woman , cheap nba jerseys From China suddenly suddenly got these men were the stuff of dreams , which had to make them jealous . Follow this useless little master was sent to the backcountry , already bad enough . Their only quest , you can only hope that one day the owner can cheap nfl jerseys supply suddenly favored himself and his own cavalry to solicit the honor guard from the Knights - so it was only pursued the idea . Everyone knows that the little master is impossible to obtain wholesale nhl jerseys supply For Sale the right to inherit the earldom . His future is up to a Baron , and Baron was only ten law gives permission to recruit knights wholesale jerseys free shipping ...... This is now just one day , it was occupied by a woman of unknown origin out of a precious places ! This is enough to make these people feel a little unbalanced. The most reasonable explanation is that the thirteen -year-old owner is probably still do not understand what is called "Knight " it. He simply put this precious thing as a child at home games , free distribution to others ! And, more importantly ...... told that chick looks beautiful, but also has a nice plump thighs it? Acknowledge your fate !

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