Because jing divine wholesale nhl jerseys supply For Sale than the average person to be a lot stronger , Douri around for some movement sensor is also sensitive than average number . Just now, his heart suddenly give birth to himself being cheap nba jerseys From China a peeping feeling ! Just as if behind a trace of eyes from a hidden cheap nfl jerseys supply corner shè unknown to being quietly watching yourself ! No abnormalities on the shelf , Douri eyes and looked up . On the shelves, hanging on the wall is a row of portraits . These styles of painting portraits , full arranged in a row, dating from far to near . These are the ancient house of the Lord Rollins family portrait ! And in the first position on the left of the photograph looks the most ancient , it 's the most distant and distorted portraits is also inevitable that some sense of the canvas , is a man dressed in Imperial Army uniforms middle-aged man. Man on the canvas , then who is the Reichsmarschall ! Also won the war for the Empire feats , but from the hands of the emperor's ancestors won a plain piece of Rollins Rollins family who ! This man looks very jing God has in Douri resembles the kind of father Raymond Earl 's eyes between cold and tough looks ! And that beam eyes, as if being stare at Douri 's body ! Douri heart of a dynamic , he tried to back up a few steps, then walked about two steps , and eyes staring at the painting . Then he smiled , gently sighed, then whispered: . " Well, maybe I was too sensitive ...... wholesale jerseys free shipping just a painting ." He turned away, picked up a hand accounts ...... Just behind him, portrait photograph of Marshal of the wall, eyes suddenly blinked for a moment ! Yes, painting the characters suddenly alive one , he stared at the eyes looking back Douri , suddenly blinking it! This was supposed to be stiff beam painting people's eyes , as if suddenly injected life in general up Smart ! That Douri 's eyes fell upon his eyes, as if thrown in a hint of curiosity ...... Just at this moment , as if holding accounts in reading Douri suddenly without warning suddenly turned and stared at the painting Huo on the wall !

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