Asked for a moment , did not answer , Douri scowled fiercely came: "Oh, would not say it so wholesale nhl jerseys supply For Sale you do not regret it , oh ? ." He pointed at Candlestick around : "You see, here, but there are a lot of candles , and if you do not speak , I set fire to you, you think I 'm afraid of it . ? " Then he turned and took up a lighted candle , slowly leaned a pair of oil paintings. Paintings of people suddenly have changed the face sŤ , undisguised fear, eyes are anxious and mercy mean , look at the hands Douri getting closer candles and flames. Painting where people can cry watching Douri , his face anxious. At the moment the wholesale jerseys free shipping flames about to hit the canvas , Douri taken away candles, nodded his head: " ah , it seems that you really can not speak can you speak it ? ? " Paintings cheap nba jerseys From China of people quickly shook his head . "So, you in the end is what ? " Douri 's eyes are shined ! A live painting ! Is it some kind of magic to get something out of it? For questions Douri , painting but can not answer. After being burned out of danger , the people in the painting seems to grow a breath, then looked at with interest by Douri . Douri tried to ask a few questions paintings , but because someone can not speak and difficult exchanges. Paintings can only barely nodding and shaking his head to make the action . Such exchanges, after struggling for a moment , but did not ask what things to come. One person, one painting, so stared at each other. At this time, a large bell den wall , slowly sounded ! Time has come to midnight ! Douri suddenly seemed to see a glimmer of light from the eyes of the characters in the painting slowly in distributing out ! Then the ear seemed heard a gentle sigh ! While that sounds somewhat erratic, but Douri academics made ??very clear, distinct voice that sigh ! "You listen up ! cheap nfl jerseys supply Because I'm in a kind of magic, so life at midnight sounded , I can brief talk. Etc. end bells , I can not hear a sound ! Now I just say it again ! In the den has a hidden closet ! backroom some baby ! I can advice you get that baby , and then I need your help , in which a baby can lift me in the magic . "

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