Then all the castle servants wear wearing neat uniforms standing on both sides of the hall, to greet the arrival of Douri . Douri of this odd " review " and not much interest in his casual nodded, then whispered: "I'm Mr. Butler , now you take me to the library ...... As for you, please respective scattered it, go back to your work better . " Old housekeeper Hill commands for Douri meticulous execution , and cheap nba jerseys From China soon Douri was taken to a study ...... Ah , if you can, Douri more willing to put this place called the " Library " ! Because there is too great ! Round the room, his head is also a high round dome , is also dotted with a number wholesale jerseys free shipping of ancient plaster patterns, both sides still standing with some plaster statues - many of which are coming up on the history of the family, some of the outstanding figure. Circle around this room are tall shelves ...... hell ! These shelves have two floors so high ! Above densely filled with a variety of books , Douri rough calculation, there are at least tens of thousands of copies in possession of the book ! And there are a lot of iron cupboard , it is stored in a number of important things, such as family patterns , or some ancient and important files and so on. Of course, as a family of Wu Xun , even in the study, also showing a trace of warlike atmosphere come cheap nfl jerseys supply ! Just walked into the den of the wall opposite the door wholesale nhl jerseys supply For Sale , hanging a giant sword -shaped two-hand , as well as a two-edged huge Cleaver ! Both weapons cross hanging on the wall ! From flashing on the edge of coldness , it is clear there is often a servant to them very carefully scrub and maintenance. There are shelves on a wall , deliberately vine out of several huge cabinet , cupboard stocked with a variety of weapons , but it seems from the style , these are antiques . Here are short bow , as well as the old knight sword cut , there is a long saber hundred years ago Emperor ** party system , there is a black iron wood bow ...... sŤ Douri attracted by these weapons in the past , he saw it , these antiques are also quite nice to have maintained a sŤ, even after years of baptism , but there are still a few pieces can emit trace sharp coldness to !

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