The dark forest outside the castle , is a natural hunting ground , will wholesale jerseys free shipping be held here every year a number of hunting activity, which of these soldiers is also a disguised form of exercise. The castle 's main building has two towers , one of which is particularly tall , even more than the distant hill to be a little higher . Who had a family history of learning Douri know that this is because the Rollins family in a previous generation had the master of the house had a strange . Though the master of the house is a military commander , but particularly interested in astrology but then even he also married a woman astrology teacher for his wife . Tall tower is to facilitate his wife at night time to better observe the sky and the construction of astrology . Red carpet has been laid from the entrance wholesale nhl jerseys supply For Sale to the castle where Douri carriage cheap nfl jerseys supply stopped . Du Weigang stoop to go off next to a silver-haired old man waiting for a long time to go up. The old man lanky stature , meticulous sŤ gray dress, old-fashioned and serious demeanor , conservative and respectful behavior is also very measured . Du Weigang under carriage, had just stepped foot on the ground, the old man cheap nba jerseys From China has been bent , deep salute , and then in a low , slow voice said: "Master, I am here to stay Butler Hill & ; ; # 8226 ; Rowling . I've learned in the three days before your upcoming news and now all the people in the castle are ready to meet your parallax it. Please come with me . " Then , the old housekeeper turned cautiously led Douri took the stairs . He did not find fault with any aspect of the ritual place , manner respectful and courteous , humble and not flatter , cited Douri onto the red carpet on the stairs , and he is very careful to go beyond the carpet, let Du Victoria alone to enjoy this honor. No time to carefully observe the castle interior ornaments , the only impressive , that is, after the door into the castle , is the same side of the flame on the face of the huge banner walls ! This banner full seven or eight meters high and six meters so wide , occupying the entire surface of the face of the wall ! This is a family badge banner above Liangbing sword cross , wrapped around the blade iris, red sŤ flame burning , there are even a crown ! Into the castle first floor hall , a face is so darling banner here immediately to cast a solemn and solemn atmosphere !

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