Douri smiled and interrupted him. He was naturally calm bypassing the table , sitting behind this big desk, sofa and some hard , but still very comfortable to sit on , Douri thought, smiled and said: " My husband housekeeper , I passed a long the rush came , and now I feel a bit hungry . Please give me prepare some food, and then , I think I can begin to look at those things you prepare a . " It seems that the efficiency here is good. Soon, DU Wei in the library and enjoy a meal very typical Southern aristocratic tea , he ate a sweet pumpkin pie after just rub a good mouth , the old housekeeper Hill has been in command of two robust the footman came to the den . Two servants cheap nba jerseys From China pushing a stroller , car loaded with a bunch of hills or thick booklet in general ! These booklets together, I am afraid that people are even higher Bidu Wei half a head ! "These wholesale nhl jerseys supply For Sale are all accounts of the balance of payments this year ? " Douri frown , he began to suspect that the old housekeeper is not trying to prank himself. . " Master , these are all " old Hill very serious answer : " Information here includes the entire southern Côte province , territory where the family finances land measuring an area of arable land , of which there are six towns income and expenditure , scattered in three places in the territory of private military logistical supply family expenses , pay, supplies, and cheap nfl jerseys supply weapons of consumption , etc. , in addition to the harvest of grain , as well as some aspects of the budget for the new building constructed this year in addition I also did some next year 's budget , but because time is too short, and I have not finished , but I think you should not leave wholesale jerseys free shipping here soon , so we still have plenty of time . " Douri could not help but touched his nose, looked like a hill in front of the accounts : " ...... all in here yet ? " "This is only part of the ...... As for the rest ." Rare old housekeeper said something a little less serious words : the . " The rest, I think you may need a fancy one week ." Douri began frowning , he quietly surveyed the front of the stewards . The old butler did not look like a joke look. But ...... he will not naive to think that , in this age of thirteen children themselves can understand these accounts , right ? Will not naive to think that he is really a thirteen -year-olds take up the whole family can shoulder Territory industry !

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