There are military power . Basically, some of the details from these accounts used for military purposes on the opinion. Here 's the official imperial troops rarely , only symbolic xng stationed in the territory of the periphery where the two modest second-tier reserve infantry regiment . Also worth noting is that the two reserve infantry regiment of supplies and baggage, are annually provided by the Rollins family ! Regardless of the party is the Emperor ** ! Most of the local territory , maintaining law and cheap nfl jerseys supply order in place , then all the family cheap nba jerseys From China in the territory of the private army. wholesale nhl jerseys supply For Sale Almost Through these accounts , from which it Douri easy to fully grasp the current situation throughout the Rollins family in the economic, political , military , and so there are several areas ! Perhaps if let that old housekeeper knew could be so much to "see" the books , it must put the eyeball stare out ! From the point of view of these accounts , Douri has confirmed wholesale jerseys free shipping that at least two points : first , the right of taxation , the family can fully control this place ! While in the military, even more so ! From another world that come Douri , in the knowledge that the world learned , there is an important common sense: a country 's territorial sovereignty embodied , is very important points : taxed ! There garrison ! And now, these two points , almost all controlled by the Rollins family ! What does this mean ? Zhong yang regime means that Empire has almost lost the Rollins family territory : half the territory of Cte province , where , zhong yang imperial regime has lost control of the sovereign here ! Here almost a little kingdom of d l . Douri mused on the sofa , so the status quo so that he felt a little surprised ! Because when a zhong yang regime gradually lost when the country's authority , then , is often a prelude about to be opened unrest sign up . Douri sat for a moment , the room was very quiet, only occasionally came a burst of sparks candle ** beep sounds . At this time, suddenly stood up suddenly Douri , Huo turn, looked at the wall behind ! Is a huge floor-to- wall bookshelves , filled with dense books, nothing seems strange . Douri heart is faint but a little strange to give birth ...... ah , just that feeling of the moment seems to be yes !

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