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This year ... where to go? " Jiang Yuan suddenly exposed face looked familiar smile, Xu Qing Ling spat bitterly dark, this guy really changed a lot of patience before honestly Gangwon where will play this trick? Although three years gone, but just that after the adoption of some of the slack, the two face to face, not what is actually kind of embarrassing, Xu Qing Ling glanced Jiang Yuan, Qingtu breath, Xiunu release eyebrows, slow voice asked: "even a phone call did not ..." "There is no way to fight ..." Jiang Yuan bitter smile, when he did not want not played, but the captain stopped him, saying that there is no return, make sure everything before, it is best not to call. "? Can not fight" Xu Qing Ling's eyes flashed a hint of color, then frowned: "? Do believe it will not be written." "Can not write ..." Jiang Yuan shrugged, then turned and looked Xu Qing Ling, light sound to smile: "I came back a message, you do not want to tell anyone ..." Jiang Yuan that looked serious expression, but also remembered the time when, in the hail of bullets, Gangwon dragged the wounded soldier disappeared in the woods scene ... Thought here, Xu Qing Ling seems to think what this face slightly changed, changed, his eyes flashed a hint of surprise color, then carefully nodded and said: "Well, I will not tell anyone ..." "You still have to go?" Xu Qing Ling's face suddenly a little worried again. "It should not be a ..." Jiang Yuan smiled and shook his head: "I now feel at ease in the cloud river, learning, money ..." "Oh ..." hear these words Jiang Yuan, Xu Qing Ling was a little relieved, and then have thought carefully looked at the three guys seen this closer look, only to find three missing this guy , is not a long ugly, but is a little more flavor than before; If some paint-like eyes in a little more self-confidence and indifferent, on the cheek Sentimental but less then a little more resolute and clear, only a pair of slender eyebrows never change, in that white skin of on, is particularly handsome and clear. And now did not see his face in the battles outside for so long, just look at that skin ... If you go to Taobao when the plane Madou, that shine out of the picture, there is no need for any of ps ... As with a pair of black-rimmed glasses, completely missing any degree of soccer jerseys free shipping sense, I am afraid that is used to cover the face of the innocent ... Jiang Yuan smiled, then moving spirit behind Xu Qing schematic for a moment, and said: "! Students who are waiting for you now." Xu Qing Ling turned around and looked, and then nodded his head, looked at Gangwon, smiled and said: "the department's student body president, he and I are now in rehearsal on the anniversary program is responsible for the department ..." "Oh ... that something would go faster, do not let other people waiting ..." Jiang Yuan slight smile, but he felt the President of the students who looked quite gloomy side of the eyes. "Well ... I went to the ..." Xu Qing Ling Jiang Yuan eyes looked deeply, and found, only just higher than their previous Cunxu of Jiang Yuan, now half a head of big high. Then the rain gradually smaller, only a few flutters in the sky rain hair flying in the sky, Gangwon and tightened clothes, looked up days, heart Antan: soccer jerseys 2014 "Fortunately tomorrow on the payroll, and otherwise the pants have no money to buy clothes soccer jerseys authentic ... " "Mobile phone, jacket, pants ... had to spend this money to the poor but also seemingly arrived hand goods it ..." Jiang Yuan soccer jerseys from china depressed sigh, and then slowly went towards the outside. Jiang Yuan Duanzhebeizi, braved the rain every now and then, slowly to the front row, and suddenly the ear seems vaguely heard the sound of loudly exclaimed thin; Hear this Shengjing Hu, Jiang Yuan frowned slightly, seems to think this Shengjing Hu sound somewhat familiar, but he looked around a bit, but it is not to find the source of the screams.

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