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I took glutinous rice dumpling stand park entrance, is lamentable . Notes on the age of the God is great, in fact, no sense of direction, go easy , but not knowledge can not come out , or in the hole waiting for this strike . Small glutinous rice dumpling is not in accordance with , holding a small fist do ferocious like: " do not go wreck duck Niangqin father the king will have to be taken away that Lord ." And ask the amount to do lament like : "After the garden is unsolicited dangerous place , how much wit is here is the soul of beauty lost track lost future , tired of suffering a lifetime . " I'm silly for a moment, stunned and said: " ? This this this , all who teach and your" Small glutinous rice dumpling was shocked : "Two hundred years ago, soaring to a heavenly day sprites , called into jade , Heaven's Soldiers sealed his ancestral grandfather a Goddess of imaginary numbers , that is what he told me . " Paused and rubbed his hair loss: " Is not it actually ? " I thought to myself for a moment, feel the Goddess Chengyu said really is true, so wonderful people, make friends will definitely want to make friends . Small glutinous rice dumpling simply to pull up my sleeve , I deliberately dragged into the garden to go. He was a villain , I'm not good to resist, had verbally persuade : " Your father is healthy youthful monarch , that Miao Qing , Miao Qing it is called , that is what the Lord Miuqing Gong Love cardamom, young men and women yearning for each other but ethics , Now that he made ??two ducks , you and I go duck when it hit the stick , unwarranted bad marriage, really commit a sin and you are not with that Miuqing Gong master has untied cheap nhl jerseys from china hatred , have broken her marriage just have fun . " I promise to put behind that sentence too heavy, glutinous rice dumpling mouth a little flat , I hasten to reassure , but also pro is touched , he calmed down , a soft voice cheap nhl jerseys free shipping : "She saved my Though there once, but I also said thanks to her well , but she thinks differently from now on after the king in front of the parent , often the father led me to Niangqin Jun Jun illness mountain sojourn , she came to Chi Chan , is very annoying . " I could not help educate him a few words : " saving grace straight deeper than the sea , did a thank you can trouble the road ." If the channel cheap nhl jerseys can no longer be linked to a grateful heart , but now I do not know how much to Happy , just remember cheap nhl jerseys for sale that people do when I complete rapport mentoring mutual affection , no more broken so many guilt regret.

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